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Foreign Exchange South Africa

All articles related to foreign exchange in South Africa.

foreign exchange rate
James Mckeown from Domisa Treasury explains foreign exchange rates. We’re all consumers and love a bargain (or a fair price at least)! But when it comes to foreign exchange transactions, can you say for certain that you know what you’re being charged? Are you paying too much to purchase foreign currency, or receiving too little...
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Let’s talk about foreign exchange in South Africa. Foreign Exchange transactions can be a daunting and intimidating topic for most people, with most banks and financial intermediaries unfortunately adding more confusion with the overuse of financial jargon and lack of general transparency. How Does Foreign Exchange Work? In layman’s terms, when you are transferring money...
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foreign currency account south africa
James Mckeown from Domisa Treasury explains the Foreign Currency Account in a business context. In South Africa, as everywhere, going into business from scratch as a startup or running an established business can be a daunting exercise with a host of challenges manifesting themselves alongside the considerable opportunities for success. If you trade with foreign...
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hedging forex
Tips for hedging forex risk in South Africa. The South African Rand (ZAR) is one of the world’s most volatile currencies. South Africa is considered an emerging market and demonstrates many of the attributes typical of one – high interest and inflation rates, high (but decreasing) degree of reliance on agriculture and raw material sectors,...
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